Meet the Crew

A warm and cuddly welcome to children of all ages to “Life” Village

If you love children, then you are going to love Zindagee Village.

Or at least that is our fondest hope and dream, that you are a kindred spirit to our cause show.

I am tickled purple and orange that you’ve chosen to find out more about Zindagee Village by visiting this about page and I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here.

TLDR (Too long didn’t read – for people who want to get right to the point.) Zindagee Village is a web series for preschool children currently being developed by an independent aspiring producer. The show is a passion project that aspires to walk in the path of the pioneers of Children’s Television by bringing a new collection of lovable puppets to the modern screens of a new era.

  • Joy
  • Wonder
  • Creativity
  • Love

My name is Patrysha

You’ll hear the puppets call me the maker, because that is what I am. I was inspired to create the Zindagee Crew to fulfill a different part of my life purpose than the one I pursue by day.

My intention here is to integrate my kazillion different loves into one focused and fulfilling project that will bring me closer to my big vision. I asked, “What does the world need now that I can provide?”, and slowly the answer emerged.

An entertaining and educational web series for preschoolers! So many little children needing so much love, so many parents needing so much support.

So it is with the help of the Shining Year Workbooks from Leonie Dawson and the support of Shankminds, especially Sacha from Sassy Lasses and about many other inspirations (who you’ll learn about if you like the concepts and stick around 😉) that I launched without a clue what I’m really doing or how I’m going to get there.

I am just following what I know and teach and am now setting about the work of making it real. Handcrafting the puppets, outlining the themes, writing the screenplays, conducting research and establishing procedures while creating a business plan for what is to come.

Zindagee Village, a project which integrates more loves than I can count, from my love of children and experiences as a childcare provider, daycare, headstart and preschool teacher to puppets and storytelling and online marketing to attachment parenting to essential oils to fresh air exercise to reading to art and on and on…

And I could truly go on and on and on and on…

But why don’t we let the Crew take it from here. It’s them I want you to fall in love with. I am merely the maker. They are the stars to be.


What’s that mean?

What is Zindagee? Since that’s the question we’re guessing will arise most, let’s tackle that first.
Beyond being a really fun word to say, Zindagee means life in Hindi. The show (and website) title roughly translate into “Life Village”. because this project is all about communicating life lessons in a playful way. The goal is incorporate diversity into the nurturing of basic early childhood skills, including pre-reading, numeracy and age appropriate social skills, through short video segments.

The Crew

Meet the loveable family of puppets that make up the Zindagee Crew!


Yasmine is known to sunshine by her friends in Zindagee Village for her bright yellow colour and her bright and cheerful personality. Her favourite activities include Yoga and meditation.

Birth Card: Prince of Spring

Virtue: Justice

Crystal: Moonstone

Favorite Day: Sunday


Gary is grey, but don’t confuse him for being grumpy! He gets his biggest thrills from sharing his love of art and colour with the world and would rather hide than venture outside without art supplies!

Birth Card: Nine of Summer

Virtue: Moderation

Crystal: Hematite

Favorite Day: Monday


Paige is a pink bundle of positive energy and endless curiousity. Her favourite question is why and her favourite speed is super fast. 

Birth Card: Ace of Autumn

Virtue: Wonder

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Favorite Day: Tuesday


You can count on Edgar to think of safety first, whether he is experimenting with the science of cooking or trying to find logical solutions to the problems the Zindagee Village crew finds on their quest. It should be no surprise that his favourite letter is S. 

Birth Card: Nine of Spring

Virtue: Truth

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Favorite Day: Wednesday


Birth Card: The Magician

Virtue: Courage

Crystal: Selenite

Favorite Day: Thursday


Amit is our wilderness and winter lover. Hailing from the North and always ready to share a story of long ago, he is presently looking for his earth voice.

Birth Card: Prince of Spring

Virtue: Wisdom

Crystal: Celesite

Favorite Day: Friday


Birth Card: Prince of Autumn

Virtue: Beauty

Crystal: Amethyst

Favorite Day: Saturday

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