Easter is coming – The search is on…

Easter is one of the maker’s most favorite times of year and so we’ve collaborated (worked together) with a few small business owners in our “village” (it’s really a town!) of Whitecourt to create a fun contest to showcase the types of activities, crafts & recipes that the Zindagee Village crew hopes to bring to life as we work towards full production. For the long form official rules of the contest, click here.

In this wacky easter egg scavenger hunt you’ll sign up your family to participate¬† and then complete the various challenges to earn eggs for your basket which will turn into entries for the grand prize draw which consists of prizes donated by our sponsors. It combines looking for eggs (located throughout Whitecourt) and “earning eggs” through challenges.

Here are some examples of ways you can earn eggs

  • Visit Inspirations Flowers and Gifts and taking a selfie with Paige
  • Do one of our Easter Crafts and submit a picture
  • Like one of the sponsors Facebook pages
  • Hop like a bunny for two minutes. Can you make it two whole minutes?
  • Dye eggs in a different way and tell us how it turns out
  • Find the paper eggs on the community boards and tell us where and what colour you spotted
  • Read a story about spring or bunnies and tell us about it

You’ll let us know what challenges you’ve completed by filling in a form that looks something like this – which you will find at www.zindageevillage.com/eggs (the form will be evolving over the weekend with more scavenger hunt challenges):


Click on the sponsors name to connect to like their Facebook pages (earn one egg for every page liked)

+ the winner will get to choose their favourite local charity for a $100 donation