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Press Releases and Noteworthy News

Product Release – February 13

Moonlight Mist Essential Oils Air Spray in Lavender Lullaby is released for local sale in Whitecourt at Inspirations Flowers and Gifts. Available in 2 oz, 4 oz & 8 oz sizes, this lavender & citrus scented batch was brewed with crystals charged under the last full moon and mixed with love to encourage restful sleep for littles. It’s a simple mix of lavender & citrus in a solution and distilled water. It comes with our Lavender Lullaby poem and a downloadable sleep tips page with nighttime parenting recommendations from each member of the Zindagee Crew.inspired by moonlight and created using full moon charged crystals




Auditions Underway

Auditions are continuing for puppet handlers and for the voice of Amit. Those interested in auditioning can visit www.zindageevillage.com/auditions

Casting Complete

Five of the seven members of the cast have accepted roles in Zindagee Village. Now the goal of fundraising for production takes center stage as we work towards bringing the village into reality.

Scavenger Eggstravaganza is On

To raise awareness about the show and what we hope to accomplish and to encourage local shopping, which is near and dear to the maker’s heart. Watch for the videos with crafts and recipes that will be rolling out as the promotion builds through the month of March. For more details visit www.zindageevillage.com/easter or use the contact form below to inquire.

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