Over the past month the maker and her advisors have been auditioning voices from around the world become the voices of the characters in Zindagee Village. The maker can’t be everyone and everything after all! It was not easy, but it has been accomplished. We are thrilled to introduce the first four cast members of Zindagee Village crew. You’ll learn more about the members of the Zindagee Village crew as production gets underway. Be sure to join our Scavenger Eggstravaganza this month to win prizes and get to know us all.

Our sweet artist Gary will be played by Mark Matulis, a freelance videographer and voice actor from Calgary. You can follow him on Twitter @MatulisVoice

Spunky and positive Paige will be played by Kimberly Wallenius, a voice actress with a bubbly voice and big heart, you’re going to love the way she brings Paige to life.

Edgar’s passion for science and safety will be voiced by J.D. Cannon, a veteran voice actor from New Jersey.

Lovable, lively Lila will be played by Dina Monaco-Boland  an accomplished voice actress from the Chicago area

The voice of peace in the midst of puppet antics, Yasmine the yellow Yogini will be played by Stephanie Montalvo

Melba King has accepted the role of our superhero hopeful, Olivia.

Melba Sibrel King is a versatile voice actress whose character, animation, audio book and narrator credits include: Noggin’s “The Tweenies” (North American musical cast), Penguin Publishing & Audible.com, Domini Games, Bridgestone/Firestone, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Teddy Ruxpin, and American Water. She is an Audie Award Winner for To Win Her Favor, Zondervan. She likes camping, cooking and trying new things.